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We support businesses with understanding, strategizing, structure and growth planning.

Working with you

Our approach is strategic, methodical and long term. It often leads to an indefinite working relationship with a constant review of the synergetic relationship between us and our clients.


1. Evaluation of your current situation

We cannot begin to work with you effectively until we understand your situation. Your Venturezen Partner will consult with you to create a comprehensive picture of your company circumstances and planned objectives. Only when your present position is known can your future be properly planned.


2. Envision your future objectives

The value of an effective partner is in assisting you to visualise, in a realistic manner, the business objectives that you wish to achieve throughout the business lifecycle. There are personal considerations, such as age, company turnover, family responsibilities and attitude to risk that will also affect this view as well as your future lifestyle aspirations.


3. Enable a strategy that will meet your venture objectives

The journey from where your business is now to where you want to arrive will be complicated by the overwhelming sense of busyness that successful people experience. Your Partner will assist in organising what you have to do, and when, in order to achieve your stated company goals. This is a systematic and iterative process that requires long-term attention to the detail of your ongoing company circumstances.


4. Excel in ongoing business objectives

This involves following the disciplined application of your company plan that will require regular revaluation and adjustment. Often Venture Partners will not immediately appreciate the effectiveness of their new focus and strategy, but right from the onset, they will value the ongoing support and help that Venturezen provides.

SBDC-OC Annual Report 2023 – Venturezen US CEO Catherine Nguyen appointment featured!

Catherine Nguyen Of CEO Of Venturezen US Appointed As SBDC-OC Board Of Director

Venturezen-us Ceo As Vacoc Chairwoman Recap Of Activties And Timeline Highlight

Our Vision


Clients are more likely to achieve their financing goals when lenders, investors  grasp the business and future goals.


Bringing affordable skills to growing companies that are not in a position to take on full-time staff or expensive consultants.


Using a trusted network of seasoned professionals and Non-Executive Directors to support entrepreneurs.

Case Studies

Below are examples of existing ventures that the team at Venturezen have facilitated through their trusted support network.


Molmenti & Celot


Daniele Molmenti and Federico kick-started their dream of “making Prosecco the old way” The two cousins, who started M&C, had the vision to reinvent what is history and tradition in Friuli away from the mass made wine which has flooded the market.


Venturezen introduced M&C to independent wine retailer Wanderlust Wine and the company has launched three further wines and been awarded two IWSC Silver Awards, as well as becoming the most distributed wine by Wanderlust Wine.


Thorogood Sports


Doubling turnover year on year without strong operational and financial controls resulted in severe cashflow difficulties for this online sports retailer.

Venturezen supplied a Finance Director to improve business controls and implement monthly Management Reporting. The FD lead negotiations with the Bank to arrange facilities of nearly £1m. From March 2018, Thorogood Sports has returned to 100%+ year on year sales growth.


New high street accountants


Venturezen are lead advisors to a new entrant to the Accounting profession following a prior accountancy practice sale.

Comprehensive support is being provided for Funding, Legal Structures and Business Planning. Once established Venturprise consultants will be acting as Non-Executive Directors for the forseeable future.

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